Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fort Bragg

Leigha and I got away for the weekend. We've been trying to get away ever since the end of guide season last year. We finally made it to Fort Bragg...

At the Guest House, there is a working loom. There's a local group that keeps it running, making rag rugs.

Stairwell in the Guest House

A lone free diver walking down the beach. 

Leigha walking along the bluffs above Glass Beach

I watched this lady for a little while, waiting for just the right shot. I love the flourish she made as she threw the stick. 

Glass at Glass Beach

An alley in downtown Fort Bragg

Any one know what this structure used to be? This is at Mackerricher State Park

Mackerricher Beach

Tide Pools at Mackerricher

Tide pools at Mackerricher

Leigha at the Mackerricher Tide Pools




Noyo Harbour

Noyo Harbour

Noyo Harbour

Down Town Fort Bragg

Lady Bug near Mendocino 

This guy in Mendocino was too cool-looking to not take a picture of.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

For Sale!

Well....I'll miss my Tacoma. Poor thing took care of me well.... And protected me well. I lost control on Skyway and rolled at around 60 mph. I walked away with minor bruising.

I thought I had full coverage... then after a visit to the insurance office, found out we only had liability.

So, on to the purpose of this post....

I'm selling a lot of my climbing gear to help pay for a vehicle. I don't really want to sell anything, but I have to...... My new car budget is currently $0.00

 I'll also be listing other things as time goes on. 

Also, if you happen to need/want other gear. I have a lot that isn't listed, that I'd be willing to part with for the right price....just ask and we'll work something out.

x2 ATCs
x1 BD Guide ATC
x1 Double gate carabiner from Rock Exotica
x1 Petzl Mini-traxion
x1 Petzl Basic Ascender

x1 Metolious Super Cam (Approx. range: 2"- .75")
x1 Metolious Blue FCU (.25")
(Carabiners can be included or excluded. x2 BD Neutrinos)

Single set of BD cams 2" - .25" (x6 pieces)
(Carabiners can be included or excluded. x6 BD Neutrinos)
(SOLD 6.9.13)

Various BD stoppers (x10 pieces)
x1 #11
x1 #5
x3 #4s
x1 #3
x2 #2s
x2 #1s
(SOLD 6.9.13)

Full set of BD Hexes. 
Five of them are reslung on spectra cord. 
Five have stock wires from the factory.
(x10 Pieces)

BD Raven Ice Axe for general mountaineering 75cm
(SOLD 6.9.13)

CAMP Mountaineering Crampons with horizontal front points.
(SOLD 6.9.13)

x1 BD Alpine Bod Harness Size M
x2 Mammut Rock climbing harness Size L

Again, If you need/want any other gear.... I have a lot that I'm not currently listing. I have technical clothing, tents, trekking poles, more climbing gear, Pitons,  ect, ect.......