Monday, July 29, 2013


Yesterday I got on an editing kick. I went through many of my old files searching for photos that previously "didn't make the cut" or that I've been waiting for my skills at post processing to get better so that I could properly represent what I actually saw that day....

Jeremy Vesely getting the shot:

The proper use of chalk bags:

Shasta's shadow at sunrise

Amazing clouds over Mt Shasta:

Rabbit Ears, 13,500 feet, Mt. Shasta CA:

Sunset over Owens Valley

Sunset at Sycamore Pool, Chico, CA:

Brewer Creek, Mt. Shasta

Register Box at the summit of Mt. Whitney. That was easy:

First ascent attempt on "I almost lost my lunch" wi3

Climbers cresting at Iceberg Lake below Mt Whitney:

My first summit of Mt Whitney:

Trail to Mt Whitney:

Brokeoff Mtn, NE Ridge:

Summit shot from Brokeoff:

Mt Tom from the Buttermilks near Bishop CA

Hwy 70, CA:

Pigeon nests:

Rain at Sycamore Pool, Chico CA:

John, the Mtn Guide; during a winter ascent of Mt Whitney. Eisenbacher Ledges.

Climbers above Ice Berg Lake, Mt Whitney, at around 13,000':

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brewer Creek, Mt. Shasta

Leigha and I went up to Shasta for a short backpacking trip. Spent two days at Brewer Creek. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July, 2013. Vacaville, CA

Leigha, Spencer, and I had the fantastic opportunity to go behind the scenes for the Fourth of July Fireworks display in Vacaville, CA this year.    Amazingly epic experience.   We were 75 feet from the operator; ash was falling on us and the blasts were directly overhead.

The crowd behind the fence

The Setup

John, explaining the step by step of the firing process

The calm before the storm

The opening "salute"