Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just for the fun of it, here's a slew of my photographs that I'm most proud of from the last year....
(as of April 23rd, 2013)

This black and white is of Avalanche Gulch on Mt. Shasta. It was day two of a three day trip. It had rained over night and I had woken up to two inches of standing water in my tent. This was early morning as the storm broke.

Lupine and Lenticular. Spring in Mt. Shasta, at Sisson Meadow. 

Whitney Arch in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA. Most photos of this arch are taken so that Mt. Whitney lines up under the arch. For fun do a Google Image Search for "Whitney Arch"

Access road to the South Side of Lone Pine Peak

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. Leigha and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Yosemite. She had never been there before. Our first day was clear, sunny, and warm. It drizzled all day on day two...but we did get good pictures.

"Baby Basset" 

Honey Run Bridge. One of the last covered bridges in California

Winter Sunset from Look Out Point

My wife gave me this watch on our wedding day. It's one of my most prized possessions. 

Fixed! Fixie bike near Down Town Chico

The Winchester Goose while still under construction. 800 Broadway, Chico, CA

My climbing partner, Mathias on Bear's Reach at Lover's Leap

Kohen's first glimpse of giant bamboo. 

Deer Creek, hwy 32

The Shark Fin in the foreground of Mt. Whitney, Alabama Hills. 35mm

My wife, Leigha, happy and content in Yosemite. I'm a lucky man.
American Flag in Down Town Chico

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